L’arredo urbano si sposa con
il design, e la flessibilità
con il prodotto, per progetti
dall’estetica funzionale.
Studio Città propone soluzioni
su misura, ideate in base alle
esigenze e personalizzabili
a richiesta.
Contattaci qui per informazioni.

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Studio Città Srl at Big Five Dubai 2023: A Journey Through Innovation, Design, and Sustainability

Dear Vistors,

Thank you for visiting us at the Big Five Exhibition that took place from December 4th to 7th, 2023 – a landmark event for Studio Città Srl.  Since our inception in 1991, we have been witnesses an exciting journey in urban furniture, a path that has led us to become a reference point in the sector both in Italy and internationally. We design furnishing elements for urban contexts, shopping centers, car parks, and hospitals, and over time we have specialized in the development of flexible projects, focusing on customizable products that tastefully fit into various settings, with the aim of offering integrated services that combine design, personalization, and functionality. Big Five, one of the most prestigious international events in the construction and urban furniture sector, has been an unparalleled platform for us to showcase our commitment to innovation, design, and sustainability. With great pride, through our collaboration with Pozza Playground Equipment, we were able to share our creative spirit and dedication to quality and aesthetics at the stand, which became a meeting point for professionals, enthusiasts, and experts in the field, offering information on our most representative products: from benches designed to foster social interaction, to planters that beautify urban spaces promoting well-being, to recycling bins, symbols of our eco-sustainable vision. Studio Città Srl is not just a Company, but an entity that has evolved over the years, specializing in the development of flexible and customizable solutions for every type of environment. Ours is a story of passion for excellence, of continuous research, and respect for the social and geographical nature of the places we operate in. We believe that every piece of furniture can tell a story, contribute to the narration of a city, and embrace the specific needs of communities. Each product of Studio Città is the result of a careful creative process that combines Italian cultural tradition, passionate research, and an eye always on the cutting-edge trends. Steel and wood, our preferred materials, are symbols of our dedication to sustainable design and the production of quality furnishings. At Big Five, we demonstrated how functionality can go hand in hand with refined aesthetics. In this context, we had the opportunity to listen, learn, and share experiences. Every conversation, every meeting was an additional piece in our continuous quest for excellence and innovation.

We invite you to visit our website www.studio-citta.it to explore our wide range of products. For information, quotes, or to discover how we can help you realize your projects, do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for sharing this extraordinary journey with us at Big Five Dubai 2023. We eagerly await your response to plan meetings and exclusivity in the UAE and KSA, Qatar and Kuwait, to work together in 2024.

Kind regards,